Ugh. Why must Drobos not play well with linux? I mean seriously. All I'm trying to do is setup an Ubuntu box with a Drobo 5D as external iSCSI storage and it causes the thing to not want to reboot properly. All night I've been fighting with the thing. It was working fine until the thing kernel panicked whilst doing a file transfer. Probably going to ditch the thing and move everything into a VM on the R710 or something. I'll rant more later when I get into work in the morning. Had to get some of this onto digital paper before I forgot to rant about this.

Edit: Here's a little back story. A few weeks ago I set up Nextcloud on the same server this blog is hosted on. Since the SSD in the server is only 240gb, I wanted to offload the "data" directory for Nextcloud onto the Drobo. At the time I thought that was a good idea since I hadn't been using the Drobo for anything. Since the Drobo isn't officially supported for Linux (here is where I should've taken the hint), I formatted the Drobo HFS+ (because Mac) on my laptop since the utility software is only Mac/PC. I then plugged it into my server and voila permission issues. I was like okay, let me just chown and chmod the crap out of this thing, give www-data ownership and 775 all the things. Well, it wasn't having it and HFS+ just wasn't playing well with it. I assumed as much, figured I'd try it anyways.

Trial number 2, I attempted to format it Ext4 so then it was a native file system to Ubuntu, nope. Format failed. Drobo, guess what, doesn't support Ext4 either. What is this thing good for? Okay, NTFS it is. Formatted that to NTFS, moved data over to it. Cool it's working. So I go into the config file for Nextcloud, tell it that the data directory is now at /media/Drobo/Nextcloud and I navigate to it via the browser and....error. "Make sure that the data directory has write permissions for www-data and that the permissions are set to 770."

Okay, my mistake, forgot to permission the directory accordingly. Let me just chown it to www-data and permission it 770. Well I did that, it finished successfully. The verbose output showed everything as changing. And then the realization. NTFS doesn't support unix permissions.

Well, at this point I'm not caring about the file system integrity since the server is for myself in a non-production environment. I went into the Nextcloud files and modified the error check function to check if it is 0777, and ta-da it worked.

A few days goes by, "I want to setup Crashplan to the Drobo", is a thought I had. Well I got that working. Had files backing up for three days. The problem wasn't there.

Another day goes by, "Plex. Yes, Plex. Time to setup Plex." I got Plex working, uploaded some movies, and ended up trying it out and watched a movie. I was like cool. Time to upload the rest of whatever I can find on my Storage drive on my main workstation. So I tried copying those via Nextcloud Dav. Every file it copied it would then disconnect the mounted drive. That was annoying, a few files later and I just copied everything to a USB hard drive and then directly connected it to the server. Copied everything to the Movies directory on the server and done. Well.... not really. Instead of having movies in my Nextcloud user directory, I wanted to move everything to a centralized Plex directory. APPARENTLY THIS WAS A BAD IDEA! As soon as I initiated the file transfer, the enter thing halted, Nautilus said "How about no?" and locked up. Instinct said, "CTRL+ALT+F2" and then systemctl reboot.

Okay the thing was rebooting. But wait, why is this thing hanging on usb mass media. A few minutes goes by. Still waiting. *unplugs drobo* The thing continues booting. But it doesn't bootup successfully. No no. It boots up into Emergency Mode. After several reboots the thing was still in Emergency Mode. I couldn't get past it or do a fsck check.

Well it booted after I commented out the entry in /etc/fstab for the Drobo and it booted right up into the Desktop Environment (yes this is not a headless server because reasons).

tldr; Drobo doesn't play well with linux, moving a directory on the same drive kernel panicked the system, can't boot with Drobo plugged in.